A Road-Map For Prayer

How did you do with your first week of reading in the One-Year Bible? Was it challenging to discipline yourself to read each day? Don’t get discouraged if you feel behind or missed a day or two. Just don’t give up but rather pick-up where we are today. Be sure to pray before you read, asking God to reveal Himself to you through His Word and to emphasize to your spirit what He wants you to glean that day from your reading.

Since we are currently in our 21 Days of Fasting & Prayer, asking ‘Lord, Take Us Where We’ve Never Been Before’, it was interesting to note how many references there were this week to prayer. Like Abraham’s intercession for his nephew Lot to not be destroyed along with the rest of Sodom and Gomorrah; the call to keep on asking, seeking and knocking in regards to prayer and the promise that we will receive, we will find, doors will be opened; how God answered Abraham’s servant’s prayer to help him find a wife for Issac and before he had finished praying, he sees Rebekah coming with her water jug. We also read Jesus’ teaching about how to pray by which He gave us seven major topics, each representing a basic human need:

  1. The Paternal Need: “Our Father” … when we pray, all our needs are met by the benevolence of a loving Father.

  2. God’s Presence: “Hallowed Be Your Name” … we enter His presence through praise and can call Him ‘Father’ because of Christ’s atoning blood.

  3. God’s Priorities: “Your kingdom come” … declares that His kingdom priorities shall be established in our lives, our loved ones, our church and our nation.

  4. God’s Provision: “Give us” … Jesus, who meets all our needs, teaches us to pray daily, asking Him to supply all our needs

  5. God’s Forgiveness: “And forgive us” … we need God’s forgiveness, and we need to forgive others. Ask God to help you set your will to walk in love and forgiveness.

  6. Power Over Satan: “And do not let us … deliver us from the evil one” … pray a hedge of protection around yourself, your loved ones, and put on the whole armour of God.

  7. Divine Partnership: “For Yours is the kingdom” … praise God for sharing His kingdom, power, and glory with you.

As we enter our second week of Bible reading and fasting and prayer, I encourage you to use this template in your prayer times. It will give you a sense of direction when praying and ensure you cover all the major topics that need to cover in prayer in our lives and God’s ministry.