Day 21 – Jehovah, we need Your presence in taking new territory and healing!

Read: Joshua 3:10; 6:1-27; Genesis 17:8; Obadiah 1:19


Today is the final day of our 21 Days of Fasting & Prayer based on the theme, Lord Take Us Where We’ve Never Been Before. It has been a powerful time of denying ourselves food to seek in prayer the greater presence of the living God in lives, our homes and church.

I call you to join us this morning in the Prayer Room at 9:30 am for our Pre-Service Prayer Meeting. We are believing God that His people will respond to the call of the Holy Spirit and fill this room to overflow as we passionately seek God for his blessing on our services today and in the days to come! If you have not yet joined us, would you come today?

In our morning service, we will be preaching about God’s call for us to take new territory for the kingdom of God. We will be announcing and explaining the launch of brand-new campus ministry at PPT called,South Asian Fellowship under the leadership of Pastor Shamoon Munir.

Last Sunday night, we experience an incredibly powerful demonstration of God’s presence in our service. As we worshipped the Lord and powerful anointing came for healing and miracles, we are believing for an even greater anointing tonight at 6:00 pm as Finu Iype ministers the Word of God and we exercise our faith again for signs, wonders, and the miracles of God. We will also be anointing and praying for everyone to be released in ministry to take new territory for God in the days ahead!

So may you come to church today, filled with anticipation and expectation that the presence of the living God will fill our hearts and church and challenge us to take us where we’ve never been before in taking new territory and in healing and miracles. Invite someone to join you today!

Pastor Barry Risto

Prayer Points

  • Thank God that you are alive to partake in this year’s fasting program.

  • 1 John 1:9 - Confess any known and unknown sins.

  • Bring sincere repentance unto the Lord regarding any hidden sin that may hinder the move of God during and after this 21-day prayer and fasting.

  • Declare 7x and say it aloud: In 2019, My God, Jehovah Elohim is taking me to a place where I have never been before in prayer, the word and in my giving. For I will possess the land.

  • Joshua 3:10 – Like the people of Israel, drive out the agents of evil from my life and household in Jesus’ name as I possess the “LAND”.

  • Lord, uproot and drive out the agents of evil from PPT as we move forward as a church to possess the “LAND”.

  • In 2019, as PPT advances Your work in ministry, Jehovah Nissi drive out the agents of the devil in Jesus’ name.

  • Joshua 3:10 - In Jesus’ name drive out the agents of evil working against our pastoral team as they lead us like the Levites to possess the “LAND”.

  • Joshua 6:2 – Lord, speak clearly to our pastoral team as they lead us to possess the “LAND”.

  • Joshua 6:8-11 – Father we pray for a spirit of adherence for PPT as we follow our spiritual leadership to possess the “LAND”.

  • Joshua 6:20 – In Jesus’ name, every wall of “JERICHO” in my life will and must fall.

  • Walls of Jericho around my household fall in Jesus’ name. (mention them)

  • SHOUT WITH A VOICE OF TRIUMPH at the walls of Jericho in your life in Jesus’ name.

  • Joshua 6:20 – In Jesus’ name every wall of Jericho around PPT and its ministries fall, fall, fall.

  • Every wall of Jericho around the ministries of our pastoral team fall in Jesus’ name.

  • Genesis 17:8 – Lord, give the neighbourhood of North Brampton and its surrounding areas to PPT in Jesus’ name.

  • Obadiah 1:19 – In Jesus’ name and according to Your word PPT will possess the “LAND”.

  • I will possess the “LAND”;

  • My house will possess the “LAND”

  • Declare 7x – In 2019, I will not live in the past but will live in the overflow of God’s grace, goodness and blessing.

  • Jehovah, release PPT’s Youth Pastor to us in Jesus’ name.

Pre-Service Prayer, 9:30 am – 10:30 am
Let's fill the Prayer Room to overflowing this morning!