Day 15 – I Will Leave The Past Behind

Read: Joshua 3:1; 2 Kings 5:9-14, Isaiah 43:18-20


I will leave the past behind. Did you read that out loud? Okay please reread this out loud. I WILL LEAVE THE PAST BEHIND. There, it’s different when you say it out loud, isn’t it. It feels like you’ve made a decision right? Well that’s exactly what we want you to do today. Purpose to not only say it, but do it. Leave the past in the past particularly if there has been a lot negativity. It’s not easy to do. You don’t wake up one morning, say this affirmation and automatically your memory is swiped clean. That’s in the movies. This is real life. However, declaring this out loud is the beginning.

Proverbs (18 verse 21) tells us that life and death is in the power of the tongue. We choose life. So when you say it out loud you set something in motion. Now this may sound contradictory but you may at times reflect on the past, It’s ok, learn the lessons you need to learn from past experiences. Then like a relay runner grab the baton labeled future and run like someone’s chasing you – but don’t look back. Grab it, focus and run!

I remember running 4x4 relay in track and field as the 4th runner. The fourth runner brings the team to the finished line. Have you ever seen the runner of a track team look back? If the team is lagging behind someone how the 4th runner has to bring the team to the place where they can win. If I turned to look back, for any reason at all - to find out where I was with the other runners, I risked my competitors to use that split second to pick up speed and race past me. I couldn’t afford it! Yes, we were a team and everyone had their role to play but as 4th runner I had to focus on that finish line. Try running and turning your head backwards, see what happens. You slow down. You are distracted and while you are looking back someone is running past you.

Naaman had a preconceived mindset of how he thought God was to carry out his healing. Until Naaman decided to leave his mindset at the chariot and step out in faith obeying the messengers’ orders he was stuck. When he agreed, obeyed and stepped into the dirty, ugly water, that was not what he liked, desired or expected that’s when he was healed. It wasn’t the way he wanted it. He did not want to stay in his disease. Moving forward meant he had to give up something; his will.

Through Isaiah God reminds the people of His character, who He is and what He has done in the past. He’s done great things. Yet He goes on to tell them in Isaiah 43:18:

“But forget all that— it is nothing compared to what I am going to do."

Get excited! God is not stuck to the past. He is a forward moving God. He is so relevant! He wants us to look forward to what He wants to do. God was constantly getting His people to look up and look ahead. God is constantly getting His people to look up and look ahead. When you are constantly looking back you are not operating in faith. When you are constantly looking back you are distracted. So look forward. Leave the past behind. Come on, say it again: I will leave the past behind.

Let’s move forward.

Pastor Patricia Russell

Prayer Points

  • Thank God that you are alive to partake in this year’s fasting program.

  • 1 John 1:9 - Confess any known and unknown sins.

  • Bring sincere repentance unto the Lord regarding any hidden sin that may hinder the move of God during and after this 21-day prayer and fasting

  • Decree that no plan of the enemy shall hinder you in this 21-day fasting program.

  • Take spiritual authority over the physical and spiritual in your neighbourhood.

  • Joshua 3:1 – Like the people of Israel, Lord, I leave the past; bring me to a place where You will lead me to where I have never been before with You (mention the areas) in Jesus’ name.

  • Joshua 3:1 – The people of Israel camped before crossing the Jordan, help me to prepare for what You are going to do during this fasting program.

  • Jehovah prepare myself, household and church for what You are going to do in 2019.

  • Lord, in 2019 take me to a place where I have never been before …..(in prayer, study of the word, giving – mention them)

  • 2 Kings 5:11 – Naaman’s expectation was in the past, I reject my expectations of the past in Jesus’ name.

  • 2 Kings 5:12 – I declare in Jesus’ name that my past  will not hold me back as I wait on You to take me where I have never been before.

  • 2 Kings 5:14 - I break the stronghold of reluctance upon my life and household in Jesus’ name.

  • In the mighty name of Jesus’ I break the stronghold of reluctance on PPT.

  • In Jesus’ name may PPT not live in the past but embrace Your move in the present.

  • Isaiah 43:19 – In Jesus’ name do something new in my life. (mention the areas)

  • Father do something new in my household and PPT in Jesus’ name.

  • Isaiah 43:18-19 – Jehovah, help me to forget the past and wait on You to take me where I have never been before with You.

  • Isaiah 43:20b – Lord take me to where I have never been before in 2019.

  • Isaiah 43:20b - Lord, take PPT to a place where we have never been before.

  • Declare 7x – In 2019, I will not live in the past but will live in the overflow of God’s grace, goodness and blessing.

  • Jehovah, release PPT’s Youth Pastor to us in Jesus’ name.

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